Happy Easter Weekend




The morning wind spreads its fresh smell,

We must get up and take that in, that wind that lets us live.

‘Dance when you’re broken open.

Dance when you’ve torn the bandage off

Dance in the middle of the fighting.

Dance in your blood.

Dance when you’re perfectly free.’


The Country Bunny


The Country Bunny

We went to the library this week, first because I really wanted to find a novel for myself, and then as we were browsing the children’s section, we came upon this book.  Oh my, when I saw it, all these feelings of childhood came back, of having been read this book many times.  I hadn’t remembered until I saw it again.

It is a lovely book.  It has such beautiful illustrations and the story itself, as I read it to Iliana, brought tears to my eyes.  As a child I remember being entranced by the picture of all the eggs in the palace, and as an adult, I was touched by the mother, and how she had dreams before becoming a mother and then was able to follow those dreams while being a mother.  It is a very empowering and beautiful tale.

We’ve spent much of this week outside…running, playing in sand, swinging on the swing, jumping on the neighbors trampoline, going to the park.  It has been a very full week.  These neighborhood children are having fun, learning from one another, and starting to work together.  It’s neat to see.



BoulderWe took a short trip to Boulder this last week, just me and the little guy.  This was him playing in the gravel on Boulder’s walking mall, Pearl Street.  This was kind of a last minute trip, everything came together really at the end.  Hence, I saw only a few friends and family.

I so enjoyed the temperate climate (as compared to the cold temperatures we’ve had here in Illinois!).  It was nice too, to have a few days with just Emerson.  What fun he is!  Iliana was back home with Granny and they too had some special time.

We’ve arrived back and I find myself trying to recover from the trip and get my bearings.  It’s starting to warm up here…daffodil leaves have pushed through, as have bluebells, and grape hyacinth.  I raked some so their yellowing beginnings could start to get more sun.  Both Iiana and Emerson spent much of the day outside with two more sets of siblings, ages ranging from Emerson’s 1 year to the oldest girl being 12 years.  How sweetly they all played together, everyone interacting with Emerson in gentle ways and then, following the 12 year old around as she set the tone for an easier play day.

Tomorrow we’ll have the group meditation here early in the morning and then jobs and errands will need to be accomplished.

Here’s hoping all of you have a peaceful Sunday.

Who says plastic is bad?


Plastic bag recycling turned into a game. A very fun game as you can see.

Busy week. I had every intention of hopping on here sooner.

A few things…

I found this and this cool sewing blogs. They both have nice patterns, some free, for children and adults.

Iliana and I tried, for the second time to make Beet Kvass. This time with red beets. I tasted it yesterday and it was good.

I guess there’s a raw milk ban up for consideration here in Illinois. We just bought raw milk here for the first time about a month ago. Wow, what a difference. We aren’t milk drinkers, as digesting it is challenging, but raw milk, well, that’s a different story. We made ice cream, clabbered milk, curds and whey…all of which were quite yummy.

We’ve entered rainy season here. So, the hunt was on a for a rain coat that fits the girl. Today we were successful.

I guess the weekend is suppose to be warm. I hope so.

(I liked hearing from those of you who reached out last week. Colorado folks, you are always in my heart, so good to know you’re still there.)

Outside Finally


Outside Finally2

We have begun to spend time, regular time, outside, finally! Ahhh, I sigh a breath of relief just writing that. There is so much to “do” outside. The children just sat exploring, working, moving things from one place to another, occupied, each of them doing their work. It was lovely to watch.

I could talk about my absence from this blog, but there isn’t much to say, except, life is full, very, very, full.

Emerson just reached his first birthday and with that, I also felt myself breathe a sigh of relief. It’s as if I’m on hyper alert that first year, so much care and concern, wanting to make sure everything is okay for him, for me, for everyone. I also feel there is a sort of biological need to get them through the tenuous first year, something programmed into us that makes us, on a very basic level, be consumed with their survival. I felt it at one point, an intense desire to get him to his first birthday. Once we reached that, a few weeks ago, I could feel that something in me knew he’d made it, that he’d be here, and that I could now, breathe a little bit more, relax a little bit more. And oh, I’m so glad he made it and I’m so glad he’s here. (Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had a fine first year, there is nothing wrong, there have been no close calls. I’m just speaking about the deeper feelings we have as parents, that we aren’t always aware of, but that guide us and direct us from deep within.)

It’s rainy out today, so we will most likely be inside. I hear birds and see one on the very, very tall bird house that I can see, out my art table window, in our house on the hill. It is a 6 room “condo” style bird house, but it seems that only one condo is occupied, as the other five are empty.

I have been reading and loving the book Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz. So many good recipes and suggestions for fermenting projects taken from around the world. First up on the list will be making “idlis”, for which I’ve just procured an idli steamer with the help of the mother of one of Iliana’s Indian classmates. I am so looking forward to the taste and nutrition of these, as we ate them when in India last August, almost everyday.

I am looking forward to reconnecting with those of you who read this blog, but with whom I have been out of touch with. I think of you, friends in California, Denmark, India, and Canada and wherever else you connect with me from. I hope things are well for you and that life is bringing you joy. I’d love to hear from you. Leave a note in the comments if you will or send me an email and leave a little news about yourself, family…

Good to be in touch.


3 months


We reached the 3 month mark yesterday! Always a big deal. Sometimes I can’t believe I’m the parent of two children and that I manage to juggle both of their needs, especially in the late afternoon. My, my, does it take patience and a kind of splitting apart of myself, if that makes sense. My attention just has to go from thing to thing to thing.
Emerson Reed Brown, happy 3 months!

Forgotten how to blog



I think I’ve forgotten how to blog! We’ve had a baby, moved to a new house, celebrated Christmas, New Year’s and tried to unpack and set up a new household. My, oh my…It’s been one big year and a half. The hope is we’ll start to feel settled soon. I hope so.

I was really into stewed prunes (when I took this photo a week ago), having remembered Orangette’s recipe for it from her book but then finding it on her blog. I had never stewed any kind of fruit, but my, stewed prunes are absolutely delicious! Try it. I only added some citrus once, mostly I just stewed the prunes by themselves, though her recipe calls for cinnamon and citrus.