Kristin, pregnant 3 months – Iliana, a month shy of 3 – Eric

Hi…here we all are, me, daughter Iliana (almost 3) and husband Eric visiting the Denver Botanic Gardens on a recent vacation for my Dad’s 80th birthday.  Our flight happened to be delayed by 3 hours so we got a chance to pop in to the gardens and hang out a bit.  I really like these gardens, so wild, unkept in some ways and with so many different examples of various kinds of gardening.  We ran into some friends while there and got to sit and have lunch with them near the water pond with water lilies and very interesting bamboo art structures, some floating on the surface.  It was a pleasant day.

I love beauty.  I just love beauty.  I love gardens, beautiful handmade paper, beautiful photos, beautiful clothes.  I am a seeker of beauty.  I also love Fall!  I love pumpkins and apples and mums and all the other fall flowering plants.  It’s just such a beautiful time of year, the cooler weather, making squash pie, and the light, so crisp and clear.

I also love to read.  I almost always have a book that I’m reading or that is waiting in the wings.  I learned that from my Mom.

I also like to cook, trying out gluten free, sugar free, and dairy free recipes.

Take care and welcome,


- September 2012, Wheeling, IL

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    • Hi Stephanie,

      How funny that you found it! I’m so glad. Yes, these dreary Winter months have had me thinking of your space as a kind of bright oasis. I hope you’re well. Please do come back for a visit.

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