The True Beginning


Words to the wind

I tried to start this blog last Spring in the midst of feeling incredible nausea in the first trimester of my first pregnancy.  I lacked the energy to keep it going.  Here I am, trying for a second time, to chronicle, connect, or what have you, in the blogging world.

I am sitting here with my child at my breast, thinking of all the many things I could share here.  I guess first I’ll just say that Spring is coming I know it.  We have seen buds on some of the trees and the snow here (Colorado) is starting to melt.  Of course, I’m sure we’ll have another cold spell, but for now we’ve been enjoying the warmer weather.  I have seen little things starting to peek through:  new iris leaves, yarrow (the “paprika” version I transplanted to the front yard), some freely seeded larkspur, and of course the various sedums that look so beautiful in winter with their maroon and deep green colors.

I planted and started so many new areas in the yard during my pregnancy.  Gardening was the only thing that got me through the sick feelings.  Being outside, the sun, diggin’ in the dirt were all things that lifted my spirits.  I am truly looking forward to seeing everything (hopefully) come up this Spring, seeing how they look in their new locations and with their new neighbors.

I have one flower in particular that I am watching daily as it grows deep roots, sends up shoots, and shows signs of it’s colors and shapes.

Me and daughter Iliana

Looking forward to sharing!


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