Another day


I am sitting here with the sweet baby in my arms.  She eats and doses, if I try to get up she’ll wake up, so for now I just find things to do with her in my lap.  I am writing in this blog, on this blog, as a blog, however to say it.  The point is I’m writing for the second day in a row.  Yay!

I am very interested in all the blogging going on out there.  A switch has been turned on in me, probably a combination of new baby in lap much of the time, cold weather outside, a good computer, and an internal probing to seek.  What exactly I’m seeking is unclear but a creative lamp has been lit and it’s driving me to figure things out, learn, and do.

I was thinking that I needed to come up with a different name for this blog.  Maybe something more pithy, something that calls me forth, something REALLY, REALLY, creative.  This need to have it be just perfect often keeps me from doing anything.  So, instead of waiting until I have the perfect name I decided to just go with what I have…”Diggin’ in the Dirt”.  It was what inspired this blog in the first place.  My passion for gardening:  thinking about it, visualizing it, learning about it, touching it, smelling it….the list could go on, in a nut shell (pun intended), all of it.

Eryngium or 'Sea Holly'

I took this photo at the Denver Botanic Gardens late July 2008.  These ‘Sea Holly’ have more of their seed heads showing than their flowers, but that’s part of their charm.  I have something that is similar in my yard Echinops (I’m unsure whether it is ritro or bannaticus) or ‘Globe Thistle’.  I would very much like to get some Eryngium but maybe ‘Miss Wilmott’s Ghost’ as I’ve read and seen how unusual it looks.  My Echinops was planted in the fall of 2008.  It was late in the season, perennials were on sale, and a kind nursery worker gave it to me.  It was a small little plant with just one stalk.  It made it through the winter and last year had a few flowers.  I will be interested to see what it does this next year.  It is also said to reseed easily, which I hope it does.  Last summer, I planted the sedum ‘Angelina’ at it’s feet, which I thought looked so beautiful, as it picked up the spiky shape of the flower head and contrasted with the color nicely (and will also provide some ground cover to protect the roots from drying out).

'Globe Thistle' with phlox

Here’s another photo taken at the Denver Botanic Gardens but this time of ‘Globe Thistle’.  I thought the combination with the fuschia phlox was nice.  Also, their ‘Globe Thistle’ plant is so huge compared to my young plant.

One last photo, my yard from the summer before last.

My backyard 2008

Have a nice Sunday evening!


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