A Spare Moment


Photo by Eric Brown

I guess I’ve been tired lately…

It is my goal to blog daily, but somehow, over the past two days I find myself just needing to go to bed.

I did think of a new name for my blog, so soon I will be writing under a new name.  Until then, I intend to just keep blogging, keep the output going rather than getting stuck on a technicality.

I am trying to find time to do creative things everyday (or something that supports my creative endeavors).  Today, I found a neat book for knitting toys (at my local used book store, yeah, half price and a brand new looking book) for children called itty-bitty toys by Susan B. Anderson.  I think I need to get a little better (a lot) at knitting before I tackle this one, but the sweet knitted animals are something to work towards.  I’ve also been reading the blog SouleMama for inspiration.  She’s the mama of 4 children and she continues to make time to craft away.  I just recently bought her first book called the creative family which has lots of good ideas on how to encourage and nurture art in your family.  It’s interesting to note that a year ago I bought the same book for my sister-in-law for Christmas.  Obviously, I thought it was great but for whatever reason waited to buy one for myself.  Maybe it took having a child of my own and/or maybe it has something to do with having a difficult time allowing myself to create.  I think I have a lot of critics in my head and worries that whatever I do I will either dislike, mess up, or be disappointed with.

A couple days ago I checked out from the library weekend knitting by Melanie Falick.  She has a great idea in there for when guests come to your home and want to knit.  She suggests leaving a bowl of yarn (leftovers from past projects and the such), having something started on the needles, and encouraging your guests to take up where the last person left off with whatever yarn/color they’d like to knit with.  I thought that would have been great when both grandmothers came to visit us after our baby girl was born this last October.  It could also be a cool thing to do at a baby shower or blessing away, kind of like everyone adding to a quilt.  I think just having a beautiful bowl with lovely yarns in it displayed in my home would be lovely to look at (and hopefully some people will come over who know how to knit).


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