Sling Mama

I did it.  I finally wore the ring sling out of the house and even put my baby in and took my baby out of it quite a few times.

I have been struggling with the Maya Wrap ever since purchasing it.  With Iliana reaching the 3 month mark, there seems to be less stress around here and a little bit more time.  I was finally able to watch the full DVD, but more importantly another Mom gave me some tips and showed me how she puts her little boy in it.  Bravely, I wore it to our Mom and Baby class yesterday and got an encouraging nod from said friend.  Oh how nice it is to be with other mothers and get ideas and tips for the new mama that I am.  Just so you know, it really is a very cool sling (my husband has been saying that since the beginning), it just took some time and practice to feel confident with it.

Yesterday I had tea with another new mom from this group at Ku Cha House of Tea in Boulder.  Wow, I never knew this place was here and that it had so many teapots!  I really like teapots (and tea)!  Here’s one that I like in particular:


It’s a bit of a color departure for me as I usually try to have most things in the Fall color range.  Lately, I’ve been trying to just go towards that which catches my eye and trust that it will blend with the rest of what we have in the house.  I think this is a good method but a little bit more on the instinct side than my thoughtful weighing of whether or not said object (clothing, furniture, pots, what-have-you) will look good in it’s new surroundings.  Instinct is good or “first thought, best thought” as Trungpa said.  It just takes more trust!

Lastly I have to share this lovely little wool/yarn shop I stumbled upon a week ago (tucked right in a corner) called Gypsy Wools.  Just when I’m getting into knitting and the like, I found this place.  (Remember you can click on highlighted items like Gypsy Wools to go to their website).  Do check it out.  Though it’s difficult to get a feel of the place on line, you can get a sense of the beautiful, natural items they carry by browsing.

Mostly, what I’d like to say about what stumbling upon Gypsy Wools means to me is how perfectly timed, if that’s the way to say it, are our lives.  What I mean is just as I’m seeking out art, craft, yarn, and the such, I come upon a place I didn’t even know existed.  It just feels like we are given everything we need just when we need it.  The key, at least for me, is to trust that it’s all being taken care of and I can let go of the stress and strain I put on myself trying to control and figure it out.  Just wait, be curious, and follow my nose (heart), it always knows.


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