New name!



I have my new name…Blossoming Twigs!  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I will soon be exporting everything from diggin’ in the dirt to the new blog, but until then I have at least changed the title.  It took awhile for me to come up with Blossoming Twigs, it had to feel right and it does.  I needed something that would call me forth but that also spoke to what I envision sharing on this blog.  So, there it is.

It is 12:28 am.  I have had a few hours of baby sleeping, time to myself and it’s been awhile since that happened.  This last week of sickness, during which baby needed to sleep in my arms if she slept at all, left me feeling a little like I was back in the very newborn phase.  It was a bit disconcerting, feeling as I had that things had begun to shift, with baby having reached the 3 month mark.

I went out today with the baby, out into the world.  We went for a walk, across town, to the thrift store and then the cafe nearby.  It was so different, just hanging out, talking to people and watching things.  It was so good.  I came home feeling refreshed, renewed, ready to keep going, knowing that everything is possible.

I am reminded, tonight, as I straighten up the house, put things away and have time to do a proper brushing of my teeth, how the difficult times are actually quite fleeting.  While I’m in them I often feel overwhelmed, as if it will never end, as if my whole life was encapsulated in those moments, but then, things change.  Today, a perfect example of that.  The sun always comes out again.


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