A little Mexicana


I keep trying to write blog posts at least a little earlier than midnight!  Once I’ve put my child to bed, straightened up, and gotten ready for bed it seems that it’s already 12 am.  It’s too dark to take pictures and not much time to load them onto my computer anyway.  So, again, this will be a short one.

"Studio" space

I decided today that I would spend at least a half hour in my “studio” space.  Now, what I’m calling my studio space is a little area I’ve tried to carve out for myself in our unfinished basement.  It needs developing to say the least.  I do have a table that my husband built, an old, reliable sewing machine that I was given and had tuned up, and some paper Tibetan prayer flags hanging above the area to sort of mark it as something.  I have to say I have only used the sewing machine once since it’s trip into the shop.  It being old, I’m a little hesitant to use it as it lacks all the bells and whistles that newer machines possess (and instructions, but still I think I can figure it out).  I hear it’s a real work horse.  I have yet to find out.

I think what I would like to say here, as a sort of challenge to myself, is that by the end of next week I will have tried to sew something on said machine.  Okay, the challenge is out there…

Studio spaces…ahhhh.  This summer we attended the Open Studios in Longmont and my did we come upon a beautiful art space: Stephanie Hilvitz’s Mango Studio.  Do click on the highlighted words and take a peek at her photos of her newish creative space.  It is inspiring me to want to turn our one car garage into my own studio.

I love Stephanie’s use of skeletons, Day of the Dead forms and other Mexicana images.  She does these wonderful shrines.  Being a lover of the Southwest and the many cultural things it has to offer, my husband and I try to visit Santa Fe ever so often.  Here’s a photo from a trip that Eric and I took to New Mexico over a year ago now.

Day of the Dead - Santa Fe

I think I’m going to skulk around and find some other interesting studio spaces on line.  I might be back with another post linking you to some others that inspire me.  Happy “Studio” Making Day to you.


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