Knitting progress report


Today I taught myself how to bind off a knitting project using the book stitch ‘n bitch as a reference.  I’d recently checked it out from the library and it’s got great instructions and illustrations.  I even started a new project and for the first time learned how to do a Double Cast-on.  Now it might sound like I know what I’m talking about, but the truth is I’ve just been reading about knitting for the last month or so and as a result I’ve been picking up some needed information, language and tips.  It seems that by surrounding myself with what I’m interested in learning i.e. reading blogs, books, and actual hands on practice, I can help myself start to pick it up.  I’ve been stopped around knitting for so long, thinking I needed to take a class or get someone to show me the basics again.  I’m happy to be on my way.

Here’s a photo of my first finished project (thanks Jill for originally getting me started on this here scarf!).  It seems that baby Iliana and bear Cubby will be sharing the scarf (as it really is not long enough for an adult) or maybe it will be for a future snowman or maybe for dress-up…  Truly, the point is that I finished it, binding off and all.  Yeah!


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