So very tired and book love


It was a very full day!  Just getting out and getting somewhere is a challenge with a little one, but when I’ve managed to get to three places…wow.  It has left me feeling very exhausted and yet at the same time fulfilled.  I also managed to return some books to the library and check out some new ones.  If you couldn’t tell already, I love books and I love reading.  Just going to the library and looking up books I’m interested in is refreshing for me.  Yesterday, after the African singing and dancing class that I do with Iliana, I walked to the Boulder Bookstore.  I knew I had very little time as the babe needed to nurse, so mostly the bookstore was a place to walk to and browse quickly as I found a quiet place to feed Iliana.  As I was nursing her on the top floor, I just looked around at all the lovely books on the shelf.  The section included books on mythology, racism, writing, essays…I so enjoyed just looking at the covers and titles as I dreamily fed my child.

I think my mother really taught me to love books and to love reading.  She often took us to the library when we were young and helped us to participate in summer reading programs.  She was always reading something.  And now that I think about it, her mother was always reading too.  My grandmother, whom (or who?) I never knew, read two books a week.  So it seems that this book love is something that has been passed down from generation to generation.  I’m wondering if Iliana too, will love to read?

One book in particular that I stumbled upon, A Handmade Life is looking particularly promising.  I love it when I stumble upon something that I wasn’t actually looking for but that somehow appears and looks like it will be just right for myself or someone in the family.  It just so happens that this book seemed like it would be right up Eric’s alley and yes indeed, upon picking it up, he was hooked and sat reading for a time and reading to me from it.  Oh how I love it when Eric gets passionate about reading too.  It’s such fun to share in it with him.  I’ll have to fill you in on the details of the book at another time, as I’ve hardly been able to look at the book myself.  What I will say is that it is about a man who lives, I think, in the north part of Maine and is incredibly self-reliant, living in a yurt, making many of the things in his life by hand (maybe most everything).  I’ll have to read it, and you will too, (pushing book love on you), to find out.


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