It’s cold out and we just got a new dusting of snow, though I know Spring is around the corner.  I wish I had a photo to share but we’ve been a bit busy around here with visiting relatives and a new bout of the cold for the littlest one in the family.  Wow, when one of us is sick it’s just that much more difficult to take care of all of us.

“Parent burnout is seldom the fault of the child.  It is the fault of a society in which there has been a breakdown of the extended family, the parents’ traditional support system.  Not since frontier days has a mother been expected to do so much for so many with so little emotional support.” – Nighttime Parenting by Dr. Sears

I have been reading the above book by Dr. Sears and this phrase keeps going around in my head.  It just seems like there is something fundamentally wrong with the way we expect families to do it all by themselves, at least here in America.

“in today’s world, which is a grossly materialistic world, where ambition has taken the place of aspiration, where greediness has taken the place of generosity, where selfishness has taken the place of, shall we say, combined living together.  And where the so-called insular families have replaced the joint families of yesteryear, in which we learnt so much:  so much patience, so much sharing, so much caring.” – Heart Speak 2006 by Shri P. Rajagopalachari

This second quote is from a talk given by my spiritual teacher.  It, too, has been going around in my head and heart.  I keep seeking what’s next for us?  Our little insular family…


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