A little mail love


I got the chance to work on sending some cards to friends/family.  I love to draw on envelopes in a somewhat matching theme to the card I’m sending.  My mother used to have us color on envelopes when we were sending mail.  She was great at drawing dogs (I tried to draw some dogs on the envelope on the right).  I was remembering her dogs and trying to imitate what she did.  It made me realize how much, as children, we watch and watch our parents, picking up every little thing they do.  As I was drawing tonight I was vividly seeing my mother drawing a dog and it amazed me how tangible the image of her doing that was for me.  I have been thinking how my daughter Iliana is watching everything I do and wondering how it will influence her.

The card on the left is “Sunset Ride” by Stephen Morath.  It is a wedding card headed to Eric’s cousin and soon to be wife.  I thought it was fitting as his cousin played in the band King Wilkie and his fiancee has long dark hair.  I’ve always loved that card, having lived in Santa Fe myself for 5 years, I truly appreciate the southwest.

The card on the right is “Jusef’s Dream” by Laura Marshall and lo and behold what I learn doing these blog posts.  I have been thinking I’d like to do a little “Favorite Artist” post, maybe weekly, and one of the artists I wanted to feature was Laura Marshall.  I realized tonight that this card is another one of Laura’s pieces.  It reminds me of Waldorf Education, spirit, dreams, creativity, and imagination.  I have a few other art print cards of hers, one in particular that I will share…

I love how dreamy this one is and it so speaks “child” to me.  I have had it up on the piano for sometime, just to look at and imagine.  It is called “Nightway VIII”.  I think it’s lovely, do you?

Ahhh, actual mail!  I like to keep it alive.  Maybe you’ll give or receive some mail love too!


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