Plants, plants and more plants


I’m a dreamer of plants.  Lately, I’m very into shrubs.  It could be because I have so little energy left for gardening after tending to my almost 9 month old, that shrubs have become the new love.  They provide so much impact, with so little effort, and it’s my husband who digs the hole and puts them in!  Right now, this is good, oh, so very good.

Last summer, in my gardening blitz (i.e. nesting for pregnant home gardener, yes, you read that right, nesting…), I went to the Flower Bin, our local garden center, during their shrub’s sale.  Oh boy, I tried so hard to resist, knowing that I already had my share of bargain plants picked up at the local ACE hardware store that still had no place yet to go.  I couldn’t resist though, I just couldn’t.  Why do I love sales so much?  Especially the low, low discount plant sales with plants that to most people look like they might be dead?  I think it has something to do with loving the plants back to health and wanting to be surprised by their splendor the following year, and loving that I get to do all that and only pay a small, small price for them (I just can’t tell you how little I paid, you’d gasp).  It all just feels so good!

Anyway, so I went to the Flower Bin’s shrub sale, studied what they had to offer, and went home to do my research.  I ended up picking two different varieties of Smoke Bush, the same with Elderberry, a Quince, a Mock Orange, two Alpine Currants, a Forsythia and my neighbors ended up giving me a St. John’s Wort that I had wanted but that was sold out.  My eyes always seem bigger than my body can work to accommodate so many plants.  We ended up digging a big hole, putting all these shrubs in it, mounding it with dirt and hoping they would all make it through the winter until we could get to them in the spring.  We are slowly but surely getting to them.

I should maybe say here that I truly believe that everything works out for the best, that everything has it’s reason and it’s cause, and that to see things like this provides great relief to my perfectionist, somewhat obsessive/compulsive self.  It has been with great pleasure that I have reworked in my head the many different places these shrubs could go in the yard.  I think these shrubs have ended up providing me with some creative expression, something to imagine, something other than anxiety and nervousness over how good I’m parenting, how well or not well my child is doing, and how my relationship with my husband is standing up amongst all these major transitions.  So, shrubs, shrubs, shrubs, thank you!

We still have yet to plant 5 of them.  It is July 4th.  I have realized that with a child things just move slowly, at least things outside the child realm, like say gardening.  This is okay, it’s teaching me patience, an ability to be with all the many weeds in the yard, and a growing appreciation for just watching what happens when you can only really get out there to make sure everything has enough water.

I will keep you updated:  shrubs 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, all planted.  Might it be October?  We shall see.


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