Linden trees, Botanic Gardens, 5th of July social


Sunday we had a huge rain storm, so much so that my daughter and I skipped the fireworks and went to bed.  The aftermath of this was the amazing plant/tree/flower aromas the following morning.  We took an early morning walk and I kept smelling this flowery scent.  I figured out it was the Linden trees.  I noticed that we have quite a few of these trees in Old Town Longmont.  It was so wonderful to walk and continue to get whiffs of their lovely smell.

We decided late in the morning to take a trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens.  This is the second time we’ve been this season, the first time was in the Spring for their annual plant sale.  The gardens are so beautiful.  They are currently having their Henry Moore sculpture exhibit, which I have to say I’m not quite that fond of, but it’s the gardens we went to see.  I was especially struck by some flowering yuccas, Mexican feather grass which I think looks so pretty waving in the wind, and a combination of three different colored yarrows growing next to each other:  white, yellow and a fading paprika color.

We came home exhausted but then late evening we went across the street for a postponed 4th of July social (the rain).  On an almost annual basis our neighbors get out there ice cream maker and everyone takes a go at turning the crank and pretty soon, after much muscle, we end up with some delicious tasting ice cream.  The Dad makes a cobbler in a cast iron dutch oven over an open flame, so everyone has their cream and cobbler.  It was somewhat impromptu, more and more neighbors ended up coming out of the woodwork; it ended up being a really nice time to gather mid-summer.  Of course, I had to make a visit to their backyard, and I noticed they had some great looking borage plants.  I think I’ll be getting some seeds from these plants in the fall, what a nice and hardy plant, I’ve got to have some!

That’s all for plant news today.  Except to say, that if you’re in the area and you have an inkling to go to the Botanic Gardens, they’re having a member only early opening day this Friday morning at 7 am.  I think to be at the Gardens at such an early hour would be simply lovely as the light at that time of day is so pretty.  I am even thinking of buying a membership so that I could go, second time in one week?  Who knows!


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