A departure from plant life


I am currently reading waiting for birdy – a year of frantic tedium, neurotic angst, and the wild magic of growing a family by catherine newman.  It is so good!  It is really, really, really funny, laugh out loud funny.  Yesterday morning I was frantically trying to read to my husband while he finished getting ready for work all the really funny parts.  I’m almost finished and I plan to send it to a friend who just had her second baby.  One might think that in the early days there is no time for reading, and that is partially true.  I found in the first few months that while the baby slept in my arms, if I had a paperback that I could hold in one hand, I could read at the same time.  Well,  I should probably tell you just a bit about what the book is about…

It’s a woman who is expecting her second child, her older child is three or four, I can’t remember exactly.  It’s little anecdotes about life with this young person, Ben, and all the trepidation, excitement, and change that expecting the second child brings into their lives.  I like it because it’s very honest, real, and I have to say her neurotic self is reminiscent of “my ownself” (to quote Ben’s words to describe himself).  I guess it makes me feel better that someone else out there also gets crazy on the internet trying to figure out what could be wrong with their child (or in my case what could be wrong with whatever product I recently bought for my child).  I also like that she has a great sense of humor about it all, laughing and joking about things in a somewhat ghoulish manner to relieve the tension (we do that too).  So needless to say, READ IT.  You’ll like it.

Now, onto other things…hmmm.  So I was going to try to stay away from anything plant related but maybe this is impossible?  I thought I would post here something I’m very much looking forward to…dun, dun, dah, what could it be you ask?  Could it be another garden/pond/water feature tour?  Oh yes, it could be.

August 28 & 29 The 12th Annual Denver Parade of Ponds Tour (rain or shine).     www.ColoradoParadeofPonds.com

So I’ve never been to this but every year I have wanted to go.  There are around 40 ponds included on this tour.  Can you imagine?  I am very into water features, I have plans for one in our backyard, so going on this tour would be so inspiring for me.  Maybe my kind husband, who by the way has gone to two garden tours with me this summer already, very kind I tell you as going with my daughter alone on a garden tour would have been a challenge and leaving the two of them at home wasn’t such a great option either, maybe just maybe he’d be interested in going on this pond tour too?  We shall see if it’s in the cards, I’m pulling for a King of Hearts.

It’s overcast and looks like rain again.  Though it’s so good for the plants and it makes my job of watering next to nil, I kind of, just kind of miss the sun.  Here’s to a happy Thursday.


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