Friday is here


So I’m sitting on my back porch, THE SUN IS OUT, bees, butterflies, and all sorts of other creatures are flying around my backyard.  Little Iliana is asleep in her stroller having a very good snooze.  This is the first time in a very long time that instead of doing 5,000 other things, I just strolled around the garden, looked at plants, saw how things were doing, and then sat down.  It is so easy, as a Mom and wife, to do all the things you think really need to be done, but then the question asks itself what really needs to be done and what do we want done?  Needs and wants, needs and wants, one of the primary spiritual questions.  We, I think, confuse these a lot in our capitalist/material based culture.  I think it’s because to be with people, the usual way, is to go buy something:  go to the store, go shopping, go spend money at a carnival, or go to a game.  People used to just get together, play some music at someone’s house or in their backyard, everyone brought a dish to share, and there was a good time had by all.  I think America is kind of sad.  There’s my 2 cents or 40 cents or whatever.

I’m under the weather yet again, trying hard to keep up my strength so I can keep up with this active child.  Maybe this little break will help.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  I’m hoping things dry out enough so we can maybe plant a shrub, St. John’s Wort, to be exact.  I’ll let you know Monday.



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