Flowers from the garden


Echinacea, Bronze Fennel, Cosmos, and Larkspur

Here are some flowers picked from our garden and put into the empty bottle of our most recent favorite soda Boylan’s.  I am a huge fan of the feathery bronze fennel.  It is so pretty and it smells like licorice when you brush up against it or pick it.  It is coming up everywhere in my yard this year as last fall I sprinkled the seeds all over the place.  It was fun to put together a bouquet, maybe the first time I’ve done that this summer.  If you have the chance to try Boylan’s, the Birch Beer is good (not really beer) or what we often get is the Ginger Ale in a green bottle.  I was craving something refreshing today as the heat was dry and still.  A Boylan’s was just what I needed, too bad this bottle was empty.


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