Container gardening


Summer 2008

I miss container gardening.  The above photo shows some containers/plants from a couple years ago.  I’ve been unable to do any this year but instead I’ve been making special note of interesting combinations I see on other’s front porches, steps, walkways, so that when I am able to do up some pots again I have some ideas for inspiration.

I was driving around an unusual neighborhood, Prospect, that has dramatic color combinations in the choices of house colors.  I noticed that in front of one of the more mild looking homes someone had chosen 4 or 5 electric green, slightly round pots, put them in a row spaced approximately 2 ft. apart, and planted in each one marigolds, blue fescue and that long purple, thick stemmed, trailing plant (I can not for the life of me remember it’s name right now); it is often an indoor plant but this year I’m seeing it planted outside quite a bit, I will figure out it’s name.  Anyway, the point is that it was such a beautiful and creative combo:  the bright, chartreuse green pot, the orange of the marigold, the blue of the fescue and then the purple trailing plant.  The house itself is a kind of gray and understated blue, together with a dark blue or gray trim.  You can imagine how everything worked together and contrasted nicely, or I’m hoping you can imagine.  I think it would be nice if I had a photo, too bad.  I think one of the things that struck me was the powerful use of repetition:  the same plants in each pot, the same shape and color of pot, the right size pot (too small a pot and the effect would have been lost).

Do you have any pots that you’ve planted this year that you like how they turned out?  Want to share?  Leave a comment and connect us to a link of a photo of your pot.

Have a great weekend!


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