Dyeing with natural materials


I experimented with dyeing some of my daughters clothes with turmeric.  It turned out pretty well except that I left the turmeric in the pot instead of straining it out as recommended (I just didn’t know how to strain out turmeric, maybe cheesecloth?) so the clothes turned out kind of tie dyed.  I learned the whole process from the book The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule.  I plan on dyeing another batch a reddish/pink with the water leftover after cooking beets.  I like the idea of using natural materials as it keeps us connected to what’s around us, wondering, hmmm what might that color turn out to be if I use, say, that tree bark?  This is also a great project for children once they reach a certain age.  I plan to do this again when Iliana is older.  I just wanted to start learning it so it becomes second nature and because I get so tired of the color white!


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