Weeds Season 6 begins…


We are great fans of the Showtime series Weeds.  We blew through all the past episodes on DVD once we got turned on to the show.  When we’d finished the last season in January, we DID NOT KNOW how we’d make it until now.  Even still, we’re unsure as to how we’ll watch it as we don’t currently subscribe to Showtime.  Hmm, ask a neighbor to borrow their TV for a night?  And how to do that with a sleeping baby in our house?  I’m sure there’s a way, we just have to find it.  See the preview for the next season, it got us all enthusiastic again.

Other news…

Felted Toy Workshop at Yo Mama is happening on August 22 with Eileen Henry.  I am so looking forward to this.  I have been wanting to make some toys for Iliana and here’s my opportunity.  You leave the workshop with a felted white bunny and a colorful ball, how fun is that!  All of you in the Boulder area mark your calenders.

Now that I’m looking at my post above about the show Weeds, I just have to say that the WEEDS in my garden are taking over.  All I can do is have hope that when I’m able to get out there (and maybe that will be next spring) I’m able to clean it all up and see the plants that I want to see, rather than all those rag, tag weeds.  I do have a photo of a lovely, little, sweet pea ‘Princess Elizabeth’ that has continued to bloom all summer.  I planted this in the spring right next to the back door, unsure as to whether it would do well or not, and it has done well.  I think it’s rare for a sweet pea to bloom right through the heat and this one has done it.  I really like the color.  (That’s bronze fennel you see behind it, with a fallen petal from one of our towering sunflowers.)


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