Cream colored lily


I just had to share this lovely lily that bloomed yesterday.  I made a comment sometime back about it having survived 5 years or so in a terrible location.  This year I finally moved it and this is the reward.  It is truly a unique color as mostly you see the orange colored lilies.  I am so happy that they are hardy enough to stick to it until conditions are more to their liking.  This one is blooming right next to our front steps, so as you enter the front door you are greeted with this as you make your way up the stairs.  How nice is that!  It also looks quite nice with a ‘Morning Light’ grass that we planted in the front this year.  Next year the two will have put down more roots and the show will most likely be even better.  Ah, the little things for me.  Even though a bloom lasts for only a day, it is so, so worth it.


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