Salvage sisters


I checked out the book The Salvage Sisters’ Guide to finding style in the street and inspiration in the attic from the library once again.  I had an idea for a quilt/outdoor blanket and I thought I remembered a kind of pattern in this book.  I was right and they have their jeans/corduroy/old shirt blanket using up scraps from around the house, old pieces from the wardrobe.  I have started mine, using a corduroy jacket, a long, soft, green dress of sorts and some of Eric’s no longer worn jeans.  My plan is for this to be a kind of fall/Iliana’s first birthday kind of blanket.  I try to cut when she and I are sitting on the floor in the living room but boy she likes those scissors.  They are just too distracting for her and instead of playing with her things she wants to play with mine.  Hmm, I guess I’ll just keep working away little by little.  The book is very cool, very eclectic, and so fun to look at.  I like that so much of what they create is just approximate giving one so much freedom to create as you go.

Okay, so it’s late and I thought I’d just make a quick post about the book and be done but no, as I was about to log off I thought, how can I not say at least a few words about something in the garden.  So, here you go…I got to clean up the front yard a bit today, weeding and such.  The larkspur have pretty much gone to seed so I pulled a few and sprinkled the seeds in the next door renter’s yard hoping that they’ll come up there next year.  They have a pretty bland front garden with mostly grass and some vinca (this isn’t to say that our front yard is so schnazy, but we do have larkspur, so why not share?).  My husband calls me the seed fairy as I often take seeds and sprinkle them where I think some flowers might just brighten up the joint (or crack, or corner, or destitute median of sorts).  I am also noticing that Love-in-the-Mist is going to seed and so I grabbed a seed pod and let loose on the front corner of our yard where very little grows except weeds (at least for now, but I do have plans!).  I’d like to share some of these seeds too, so I’ll be looking for neighbors who might want to add this flower to their mix (but with these I’ll ask).



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