Agave flower


Photo by Eric Brown

I just wanted to share this great photo of the stalk of an agave parryi flower that bloomed last year (it’s brilliant isn’t it, even though it’s dead?).  The photo was taken at Panayoti Keladis’ garden on the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days this last May.  I also wanted to peak your interest in seeing more of this photographer’s angle on things.  His blog is listed on my blog roll cre8alot.  He is also my husband.

I also highly recommend checking out the Garden Conservancy’s website and finding out when an open days is scheduled near you.  I have now been on this tour twice and I have been truly inspired by what I’ve seen.  In the fall of 2009, I and friend Vanessa went to Dan Johnson’s garden, as well as Rob Proctor and David Macke’s garden, both of which left us awe struck.  Dan Johnson’s was so creative it was like entering a completely different world.  This last spring my husband Eric, Iliana and I all went on the tour.  It was a very windy day and with a wee one we only made it to two gardens but the first one, Panayoti’s was so amazing that it made up for the 3 I didn’t get to see.

Maybe next year I’ll go again, this time with an 18 month old instead of a 7 month old.  Garden tours are good for little tikes don’t you think?  It starts them early in the appreciation of plants!


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  1. I LOVE that picture: I know if I went out and tried to recreate it every four hours for the next week I’d never get anything as good….fume fume fume…

    Your comments are very kind and appreciated. It was a blustery day!

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