Now and Then


Late Summer 2010

Early Spring 2010

I just thought this would be interesting to show.  It’s a similar angle.  It’s definitely far from perfect, lots of weeds, some things out in the yard that if I were trying to show my best I would have put away.  Yet, I think it’s important to just be oneself, in all my imperfections.  This is the garden right now, in all it’s splendor and I really mean it’s splendor as this year more than most it really has created itself:  certain flowers seeding just where they want to be, weeds cropping up here and there, bronze fennel everywhere, dahlberg daisies coming up in the cracks, all things that might not have happened had I been out there weeding away and cleaning up as I usually do in the spring and throughout the summer.


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  1. Hi Kristin,
    I would’ve guessed this was a cabin in the mountains. What vision! I love the before and after photo. You’ve grown such a beautiful garden and peaceful space!

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