Turtles and Tea


Hi, so wish I had a photo of the turtle I moved from the street back to the lake side.  I was driving around Macintosh lake with Iliana sleeping in the car and in the middle of the road I saw a little turtle.  I turned the car around and pulled over and just at that moment another car came from the other direction and almost hit the poor guy? (or girl?)  Luckily, the turtle was missed and I was able to hop out and grab him on both sides of his shell.  He didn’t like it, he was trying to get me with his back feet and then was craning his neck back trying to bite me.  Still, I’m hoping he was happy to be back on the lake shore.  Kind of wild to run into (or not) a turtle in Longmont, Colorado, a rather dry place wouldn’t you say?  I would.

Next, here’s a salute to a great Chai company that is relatively new on the scene or at least new to me, Sanctuary Chai. I first tried it a couple weeks ago at the Boulder Farmer’s Market and wow, how smooth it went down, with just the right bit of cardamon and spicy notes.  I craved it for a week or so until I was able to have another cup and then found out that a little coffee/tea shop in Longmont carries it, Red Frog Coffee.  This is a lovely, new hang out with a great owner, Emily.  It is creative, unique in it’s offerings, and homey feeling.  I highly recommend you check it out if you’re local.

Lastly, I came upon a PLANT SALE.  Now, if you’ve read any of my plant sale ramblings before you will know that I have a very hard time, very hard time, VERY HARD TIME passing this sort of thing up!  I mean, how can you resist plants on sale for 75 cents or a $1?  Hmm?  I came home after seeing them with ideas running through my head as to where I could put them, could I go back for them, should I go back for them, will I got back for them?  Yes, you read it right, I resisted the urge to just buy them all.  I had so much going through my head:  we still have so many shrubs to put in the ground, we have weeds galore that need to be pulled, if I did buy the plants what area would need to be cleared, how would we do it, and so on and so forth.  I sat in the parking lot literally debating whether I should go back inside the store or not.  I did save two butterfly weed plants from the discard pile so I didn’t leave empty handed, and they will look great next year (as they definitely don’t look good this year) and they will most likely seed themselves all over the place which I will love (the color orange is just so lovely).  I guess maybe I’ll keep you updated as to whether or not I go back for the little ones.  I’ll need to go soon as they may be gone.


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