The weekend


Oh, how I do love some weekends, so much so that I dread seeing them end.  Such was the case with this last weekend.  The weather was so lovely, everyone was out, and there was much gardening to be had, as well as some diving into artistic endeavors (but more about that in the next post).  I need to just say here and now, how much I do enjoy my neighbors.  It’s a blessing to have such lovely people near by that I get to see regularly and run into throughout my days.  I’m also just amazed at how the more I get to know about them and the more neighbors I meet, how truly eclectic, full of life, and interesting I find them.  My mother had a skill at discovering the hidden sides to people through asking questions and being truly interested in hearing what people had to say.  She also had no qualms about going up to people at random if she thought something they were doing or something they were wearing or what have you was something worth hearing about.  I remember her telling me that once she went up to someone who had a ton of tattoos to ask him what it was like to have gotten all of them and what made him want to do it.  She truly had a knack at being soft and curious in a way that enabled people to open up to her.  I find myself being grateful for having learned this skill because since having a baby I find myself relying on it quite a bit.  It’s just so fun to talk to people about what they’re passionate about or what they’re doing at the moment or how they feel about this or that.  I think, as most people know, being home with a baby day in and day out makes you dig deep into the caverns of your being to find hidden skills that can assist you throughout your days.  This connecting with others is one that I’m truly grateful for and that is helping me to branch out into the world and to have a means to relate to others beyond my own little home and family.

I took the above photo a couple weeks ago.  I’m rarely out in the early part of the day right now, but this particular morning little Iliana was sleeping late and I went out to the backyard and was able to snap a few shots.  Morning glories hold a special place in my heart as they were one of the first flowers I grew here at this house (from seed that my mother had saved from a neighbor).  I planted them right next to the house, in a pot, and tried to get them to climb up a post that was somewhat shaded so they kept trying to get away from it and into the sun.  Every morning I would go out to see them blooming with their happy, open faces that I find so beautiful.  I also so enjoyed the thrill of having planted something and seeing it send up it’s little beginning and then grow into a plant.  How satisfying it was then and of course, as you can tell from my many posts on gardening, how very satisfying it continues to be.  In the above photo these same morning glories, because by now they have reseeded themselves in many parts of the garden, found their way to climb up a sunflower, something I had always wanted them to do and they did on their own.

Update:  I did buy some plants at the plant sale.  I said that I would let you know whether or not I went back for any of them and I did indeed.  We ended up planting a butterfly weed this weekend.  Where we decided to put it took a bit of digging and removing of weeds to basically round out a particular planting area that I started last summer.  It is now basically complete and what’s left is to just watch things fill out, move a stepping stone a bit, and put in a wee water feature.  Yes, I say wee, but it will take some doing to put in the said wee feature, unsure when that will happen but that’s what I envision.  I also planted an annual, a gerbera daisy, that I had sitting in a pot, a leftover table centerpiece from a conference family members attended here in town.  It of course won’t come back next year but seems pretty hardy as an annual and continues to send up flowers even though it has experienced some poor treatment at our hands.

Iliana is 10 months tomorrow, it feels like fall and  I’m tired and need to go to bed.

Happy third week in August.


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