Visual Journaling


So here’s a photo of the visual journal that I started last Sunday.  I took a 3 hour class with Fran Meneley at Katy Diver’s studio which is 2 blocks from my house.  How cool is it that I got to walk over to a cute, little house in Old Town Longmont and escape into a world of art on a Sunday afternoon?  Hmm, so cool I tell you.  This is the page in which I tried out all the many different supplies Fran brought for us to experiment with:  tape, acrylics, glitter pen, pieces from a magazine, rub on stamps, pastels and so much more.  It was so fun.  She’s teaching the same class on August 29 from 1-4pm, so if you’re interested contact her via the link above.


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  1. Kristin, your page is fantastic! I heard the workshop was wonderful. Fran is such a great visual journalist and teacher…


    love the pic of the naked little one!!

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