My current favorite things


I’ve been sick and then catching up and now finally getting to the blog.  Patience, patience, patience, the main lesson in having a child.  We are coming up on one year with this little girl, and wow, I can hardly believe it.

I’ve been feeling grateful for so many things such that tears come to my eyes.  I just feel astounded at the many ways in which I am being taken care of and given the opportunity to grow.  There is something too with the fall light, how it hits the trees just so, and everything seems to just sparkle.

I thought I’d share my current favorite things as I’ve had a possible post of these going for awhile but I realized my favorite things actually changes depending on my life situation at the time.  For example, I do love Anthropologie but lately it’s not a place I spend a lot of time, so it didn’t make this particular list.  Here goes:

Meinrad Craighead’s art

Mothering with Soul:  Raising children as special work by Joan Salter

The Tao of Motherhood by Vimala McClure

and Weeds (Season 6!), discovering Mark Rossier in the Longmont Open Studios (he has 17 chickens), Mango Studio (again from Open Studios, these totems from Katy Diver’s classes (hopefully soon I’ll be able to make one of these), visual journaling, the new season of Brothers and Sisters (it’s sounding like I watch a lot of TV, I assure you I only watch the two shows listed), giving garden plants away, pumpkins, coleus, and continuing to work on the structure of the paths and such in our backyard.

Mostly my current favorite thing is being able to enjoy it all!

Here’s to a happy, fulfilling, and nurturing fall harvest to all of you.


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