Iliana’s favorite things



The Birthday Girl!

So, seeing as how it is the little girl’s first birthday today, I thought I’d write a list of HER current favorite things!

  1. apples…Iliana likes apples very much, so much so that I think we’ll put a candle in one for her today.
  2. shoes…yes, I tried to keep her away from playing with shoes, but as she’s gotten older it’s been a little difficult.  She is fascinated by the ties on them, the thong part of a flip flop.  I think it is along the lines of her “how does this work” mind.*(see note)
  3. milk…of the human variety.
  4. Lewis our cat.
  5. walking up and down stairs
  6. being outside
  7. doing nose kisses
  8. dancing…even when the chime in the backyard is blown by the wind, she will often look at me and start bending her knees up and down.
  9. Quiero a mi familia or I love my family…the book she seems to like read to her the most these days.  I think Won’t You Be My Hugaroo comes in as a close second.
  10. her 10 year old friend Connor

*Note:  I took Iliana shopping for her first pair of shoes the other day.  You can only imagine the glee when she looked around and saw all those shoes.  She picked up a pink one as she toddled around.

A little you tube for your viewing pleasure.


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  1. HaPPy, HaPpY BIRTHDAY!!!
    dear little Iliana!
    What a wonderful time of year
    to be celebrating &
    soon there will be boots,too!

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