Orange series


A full week.

I’ve been enjoying the blog Soule Mama as this family has found their farm!  I like this post on the dresser redone and the before/after paint posts.  I am particularly interested in her potential studio space.  I am impressed at how she continues to carve out space for her creativity amongst a family of four children with the youngest being 2!  More than anything I am reminded that dreams do come true and as a result how important it is to keep dreaming!  A farm, a farm…

Which leads me to my current question, what is my dream, our dream as a family?  How do I want our little one to grow up?  What do I want her to be surrounded by and how will it influence who she becomes?  How will it influence who I continue to become?

We met a friend’s horse today, Quest.  He’s the horse of their teenage daughter.  It was her dream to have a horse and it has come true.  Next, they’re looking at buying a place where they can keep him and possibly expand into chickens too, maybe another horse, and who knows what else.  Again, I am reminded of the power of a dream.

Lastly, I was on a walk this week and near the sidewalk I came across someone’s list of “House Fix-Up Priorities”.  It was all just interesting, these three separate but similar stories/hopes/dreams.

The truth is, we really don’t know how long we have here on this earth.  It could be a day, a week, a year, or even an hour.  We all think we have forever but in truth we don’t know.  If you knew that, truly knew that, what would you be doing?

This is my current meditation.


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