photo part of orange series

I say orangish as the gourd on the far left is actually yellow but with the light coming through it at that time of day it got this orangey kind of tint.

I had a whole blog post almost done and then I hit a button of some sort and lost it all…boo, hoo, hoo.  It is difficult to spend some time writing up something and then to lose it for anyone, but when time is so limited these days, given that our little Iliana is teething and in pain, it is quite dramatic.  I’m wondering if any minute she might wake up.

Here she is with some of her teeth but boy, the left incisor is causing her much to grimace over.  Anyway, my already done blog post was talking about the importance of just creating, no matter what it looks like.  I’ve been inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts blog post “Pretending until we’re not pretending anymore” , that I read part of in the Autumn issue of Artful Blogging. She writes about the importance of listening to what your heart is telling you, listening to the whispers of dreams that want to be heard in the in between spaces in your life.  Which leads me to why it is so important to give ourselves that time to listen in whatever ways we can:  taking a walk, meditating, or just sitting and dreaming.

I am sitting here listening and I just heard a wee one’s cry.


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