Yellow shoes


This girl has been trying on her Korean yellow shoes!  These were a gift from a friend who made a trip to Korea and brought back these fun shoes for her birthday.  This photo was taken sometime in the last week but today she came to me with the shoes and wanted me to help her put them on.  Then she walked around in them.  Amazing.

It’s been awhile since my last post.  I decided I just had to write something even if it’s not brilliant, ha, ha, ha, or even if it’s not the most amazing photo.  I realized this blog is really for me, the problem has been that I’ve been thinking outside myself rather than inside.  I’ve been trying to create the next blog post instead of just posting from the now, with what is going on in the moment with me.  It has stopped me from posting at all.  It doesn’t have to be some amazing memoir, or some great piece of art, or some interesting thing I’ve accomplished.  It’s just me, what’s going on in my life, how the world is hanging in this part of the country.  How the world is hanging, interesting little phrase, hmmm.

We watched the final episode of Weeds Season 6.  Oh my ___.  I want to watch it again just to get it all clear in my head.  Wow, what a finale.  I’m going to be dying until Season 7 airs.  No, I won’t be dying, but I will be sitting on the edge of my seat.  My theory?  Nancy Botwin is now in the power position, even though it seems otherwise.  She has so much information and it’s really the drug cartel they want to bring down and not her.  We shall see, and also I don’t want to give it all away for those of you who may not have seen this episode yet.  The thing I’m struck by is how, when faced with a decision, she walks into the fire instead of away from it.  She just keeps doing this.  It’s an interesting approach don’t you think?

I’m currently reading Sweater Quest:  my year of knitting dangerously by Adrienne Martini, funny, funny.  It is also giving me some of the back story to the knitting world and blogs and names I’ve heard, etc.  I’m a novice knitter but very interested in it.  I always like to get the history told through a person’s own narrative, story like tale.  Here it is.

I made peach crisp last night, it was good.

So there you have it, a blog post.


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  1. Shoes, shoes, shoes! Why do we love them so much! I have a new neighbor who just moved from Chicago who is an awesome knitter I bet she’d love to meet you and Illiana! I’m procrastinating right now, should be glazing my big fountain but couldn’t resist visiting you via blog-land! xoxokd

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