Ode to my mother


My mother died 6 years ago today.  She died after a two year struggle with breast cancer.  She is pictured above with her beloved cocker spaniel, Chloe.  I miss her. (edited to add this link to Coldplay’s “2000 miles”)

She is standing in the park behind the house I grew up in.  She could often be seen in this park as she took Chloe on a myriad of walks.  She was very friendly and met all the different dog owners and their dogs.  I think she was most happy when she was out with her ” little girl”.

Seeing as how my mother passed away at this time of year, it brings an extra sadness to me around the holidays.  Christmas was also a favorite holiday of hers, so it’s an even deeper loss…she’s gone and the holiday passes without all her special touches.

I plan to make chocolate chip cookies on this day.  She loved chocolate chip cookies.  I often came home from school or dance class to smell the delicious cookies baking in the oven, with which she’d serve an ice cold glass of milk in a mug that she’d stored in the freezer.  It was usually an A&W mug.  She’d worked there when she was in her teens, serving food while on roller skates, if you can imagine that!

I only hope I am able to be as nurturing, strong, and funny.  She was funny.  She had a great sense of humor, a little odd, but great.  I have totally inherited the odd part.  I think my daughter gets a kick out of it and I think she is following in these footsteps, as she already seems to have a wee bit of the odd sense of humor in her too.  I absolutely love it.

If I could say one thing that I loved the most about my mother, it would be the love she had for her children, the care she took in nurturing us, and the pride she took in all of our accomplishments.  She truly loved being a mother.  I think it is what she was most proud of in herself.  The fact that she gave birth to and raised three human beings, that she had a part in helping us to become caring people of this world.  I do hope that I am able to put as much heart into my mothering as she did.

Merry Christmas Mamacita.


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  1. Hi Kristen – What a lovely tribute…it brought tears to my eyes. I don’t know you very well but I think you have all the lovely attributes that your mother had – she taught you well through her shining example. Love really is all we need. Take care and hope to see you soon! Fran

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