Happy Belated Valentine’s Day


I wasn’t intending on doing any sort of post for today but then, I decided why not?  I don’t have any photos from our weekend trip to San Jose downloaded yet, so instead I searched through my photo archives and found this one.  I always loved this as it shows how beautiful a welcome can be when visiting a home in India.  I traveled throughout north India way back in 2003 with my spiritual teacher Parthasarthi Rajagopalachari.  This flower welcome was for him.  Isn’t it beautiful?

I realized this weekend, after attending an intensive meditation seminar, that what I need to do is always act from love.  That it is love which changes things, connects people, opens hearts, and nothing else.  It is so easy to get lost in the head, thinking, thinking, thinking, trying to figure things out, planning the future, trying to work out every little detail, when the truth is that if we just act from our hearts it is all taken care of without us having to do a single thing.  It is a completely foreign concept to our American culture which is all about the mind, how much you know, how many degrees you have, etc…I was reminded of this concept called HeartMath this weekend, a concept that talks about the intelligence of the heart.  It was over ten years ago that I researched this approach and gave a talk to one of my classes at University.  It was good to be reminded that our hearts truly know more than our heads.

I’m feeling slightly sad to be home from our trip.  It was truly a lovely weekend.


New addition…

Currently reading:  First Lady from Plains by Rosalynn Carter



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