Something to share


Eric and Kristin Brown 2004

I thought I’d share this photo from many years ago when my husband and I were first together (before we were even married).  I think we look so young compared to now.  The phrase “Something to share” comes from a time when I was teaching 4-5 year olds at Alaya preschool in Boulder and I brought Eric to class one day.  A few of the children, during circle time when they have an opportunity to share something, all chimed in together “Miss Kristin has something to share”.  Eric and I chuckle about this to this day!

The reason for the above share is that I have been cleaning house!  I have been doing a major spring cleaning (am I suppose to capitalize spring here, I’m never sure…) and I had some undeveloped rolls of film in the fridge.  Can you believe it?  Rolls of film from as long ago as 2004.  We developed one roll just to see if there was still something on it, and now that we saw that there is, we’ll take the other ones to be developed as well.  I am very interested to see what is on the remaining rolls as I had forgotten the above photo and was quite surprised when I saw it.

I really enjoyed hearing Elizabeth Gilbert speak today.  I’ve read Eat, Pray, Love and listened to it on audio with Eric while on a road trip.  I also saw the movie last summer when it came out with my friend Betsy (who by the way is moving at the end of the week to Oregon, sad to see her go, but happy for her and family!)  I have yet to read her next book Committed, but on a quick browse of the library I found that they have many copies and so the next time I’m there I’ll check one out!

I’ve really been enjoying these sites on line lately…

Posey’s eclectic vintage nursery – this is so cute!  Have you seen this blog ohdeedoh?  It has such neat ideas for children’s rooms.  I think this is one of my favorite rooms so far.  I love the mixing of different materials and the old stuff in particular that I think I could find at the ARC in town or more likely Boulder, though the prices in Longmont are way better.

Sanctuary – this is a blog from Finland.  Ahhh, a European blog.  How people find these I don’t know.  I found it through a link from Soule Mama’s blog, a staple for me in blog world.

Lastly, I’m currently readingCrying with Cockroaches by Marianne du Toit.  Great book by the way!  A woman from South Africa in her early 30’s rides on horseback from Argentina to New York city, taking almost 2 years to get there.  It’s got me holding on to my seat and taking every opportunity to even read just a few pages.  I love that kind of book.  I love the adventure of it.

I hope you had a good weekend?!


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