Day of the Dead (I could not find a link to the artist, so forgive me)

I do love this image, heralding the return of the dead, yet at the same time it feels like it celebrates the ending of summer and the returning of the darkness as we head into winter.  We are a musical family around here, so I like that too.  There’s a lot of requests for music and dancing coming from the littlest member of our household.

It would be great to have a photo ready to post, but alas, I’m out of the habit.  I’m just now starting to get back to all those things one does when one spends more time inside!  It was a busy summer, out and about almost everyday:  gardening, visiting neighbors, playing with chalk, taking walks with the wagon…ahhh, the activity of summer.  I am happy to be entering a new season where the weather encourages us to spend a little more time inside and the light enables us to retire a little earlier.

I find myself returning e-mails, organizing and finally getting to some laundry that has been forgotten, cleaning up, wanting new recipes for hot meals (rather than the quick salads and easy grilling we did almost every night), and getting back in touch via e-mail, phone and even facebook (can it be?).

I’m even finding that I might, just might, get back to reading!  It sounds awful but once gardening season started  (along with parenting a fast growing, almost 2 year old), I found myself just too tired to read in the evenings.

So, here’s to a new start with blogging and sharing that which inspires me in the hopes that it might inspire you.

Currently reading:  Alabama Stitch Book

Frequently visiting:  Soule Mama blog, Swoon blog, The Longmont Public Library, The Parenting Place


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    • Hi there…so good to hear from you! I hope you are all well! We might be heading to Chicago for turkey week but maybe we can meet sometime before or after! Let me know your plans, we’d love to see all of you.

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