windy and the waning of the light


Lantern Walk postcard by Marjan van Zeyl

It’s windy around here.  I’m hearing it move the trees, push against the house, and the large chime we have out front is clanging pretty regularly.  I’m sitting here all cozy on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket and enjoying the night.  It’s funny how here in Colorado the weather can be absolutely beautiful right up until Thanksgiving (and even after), yet we’ll have these windy days that actually break tree branches (I’m speaking personally of our small crabapple that had one of it’s largest branches broken the other night after said wind).  It’s a conundrum this Colorado of mine but not for long…

I didn’t realize I’d be breaking this news but now that I’m writing here goes.  We are moving to Chicago, the northwest suburbs (at least that’s where the job is and the temporary apartment we’ll be living in).  I hear Chicago is pretty windy too, hence “the windy city”.  It’s also cold, being more northern than Colorado and being closer to water.  We’ll definitely need a base layer of wool in that part of the country.  We plan to go out during the next few weeks, our second trip to visit the working husband/Papa.  The leaving at the end of this trip will be the hardest knowing that it will still be sometime until we’re all living together again.

The above postcard represents the lantern walk that takes place around the 11th of November, it celebrates Martinmas.  I was thinking how I’ll need some light to guide me through the next few months and the transitions we’ll be going through.  The little girl on the postcard is so sweet and the little bunny and the little bird.  I feel a bit like her walking through the woods, trying to find my way.

May we all carry the light within through this darkest of seasons.


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