Glamour girl


I really like color.  I like different combinations of color.  In this photo, I like the bright pink of Iliana’s shirt, the turquoise birds on the pillow and the neon green lid on her snack cup.

We journeyed to the Chicago Botanic Gardens today.  Actually only a 25 min. drive or so, but somehow I had it in my mind that it was a lot farther.  I had to wonder why I hadn’t been yet, but in truth, it’s been cold and, well, when your new to an area and trying to get your bearings, sometimes things just seem farther than they really are.  It’s a lovely place and I look forward to watching everything emerge as things warm up around here.

I’ve been really into a new blog, new to me that is, but it’s been around since 2006, Design Mom and through her I found her sister’s blog Oh Happy Day.  These sisters and their families have been living in France for the last year.  Design Mom’s family with 6 children in the Normandy region (two hours from Paris) and her sister Jordan’s family with 2 kids in Paris.  They each decided that they wanted to give their families the experience of living abroad for a year (and both families have extended their stays).  I found it interesting that Gabby of Design Mom and her husband are Denver natives.  I love hearing about this sort of thing, what it takes to go abroad with your brood and the musings of an American living in Europe.  Yet, not just any American, a mother of 6 who writes about the intersection of design and motherhood.

Lastly, I’ve been sewing some but doing more planning about what I’m going to sew than actual sewing yet.  I signed up for a beginning sewing class to get reacquainted with a sewing machine after a long hiatus.  In the class we’ve been making pajama pants for ourselves, mine have turned out pretty well.  Next I’d like to make a summer skirt for Iliana from Oliver and S’ Lazy Days Skirt pattern (it’s free).

Currently reading:  Unconditional Parenting, Family Matters and Taproot (new magazine)

Happy Spring!




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