New Camera


Yesterday, Iliana and I explored a Salvation Army thrift store that’s in an area that I’ve just recently discovered and that’s literally 10 minutes from our apartment.  I’m loving this little intersection as it has a Trader Joe’s (something we didn’t have in Colorado), a Barnes and Noble (the only big bookstore in our former Longmont went out of business), a Jo-Ann Fabrics, and a few other yet to be explored places.  These last three are enough on their own but the other day, when I saw the Salvation Army out of the corner of my eye, well, I was just waiting until the day I could see what it had to offer.

Of course, I told Iliana we were just going in for a quick browse to see if it was any good and that we were coming straight out, getting into the car, and going to the grocery store like we had planned (all of this was meant, I think, mostly for me…Kristin, only a quick walk through.  YOU NEED TO GO TO THE GROCERY STORE!)  Well, after, hmm, was it an hour?…I always forget to look at the time in places like these, I knew we probably wouldn’t be making it to the store as lunch time and nap time had quickly approached.

Anyway, the place was a such a find for me!  I really appreciate thrift stores.  I just find them so fascinating:  all the old stuff, some of it in perfect condition, vintage items, children’s items that are brand new, and so many other crazy things that I am just amazed at what collects in a place like this.  Until now, I’d only been frequenting a Goodwill that was maybe a little less than 20 minutes away and seemed slightly overpriced and a local, just around the corner, resale shop where the people knew what stuff was worth (and priced it as such, not necessarily my cup of tea).  I like to be the one who finds the item, at the bargain price, and gets to find out how much it’s really worth.  So, this Salvation Army is the new go to place on my list for thrift store shopping.

We found the camera in the photo above for Iliana for $2.  An old plastic model, totally lightweight, and a place for putting in the film in the back, a camera just like what I grew up with.  It was brand new, in it’s box, with the wheel that you have to turn to get to the next frame, and a button that makes a click sound when you take a picture.  Wow, what a toy!  She has literally been using it almost since we bought it (the first 10 minutes or so were spent completely exploring it).  She has taken photos of me, the cat and in the shot above, she had gone to get her camera because I was on the computer and she said “oh, take a picture”.  Of course, she has listened and watched us with cameras for however long, her Papa being a man with a camera always in the ready and me often getting my camera out to catch something.  It has been such fun to see her with her own camera and to experience the joy she has in taking photos.  You should know, it’s all play, there’s no film in the camera, but that’s the fun of it.


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