House Showing


photo off of Zillow

We’re going to look at this house tonight.  I’ve been looking on Zillow to find the “old town” of surrounding suburbs.  We loved the old town of Longmont where we used to live:  great walks, near to main street, older homes with lovely architecture, and as it happened a lot of artists.  I think we’re hoping to find something similar here outside of Chicago, but we’re just looking right now to get more clear on what’s available and what neighborhoods we like.  One additional thing we’re looking for is that the house/neighborhood be near to a frequently running train that goes into the city.

The above house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms (one more bathroom than we had before) and it was built in 1892, which I find really interesting.  It has an oversized, single car, detached garage out back.  I’m kind of attached to the whole detached garage thing having had that before and aesthetically really liking the look of it (and the privacy of it).  This particular property is also situated on a large lot for the area (to the left of the house in the picture is a large expanse of grass), so of course, I’m already visualizing what I could do with the grounds:  a living hedge along the front of the side yard for some privacy, an organic garden behind it and some evergreens between this house and the other house you can see in the photo, so that we’re not staring onto their back patio.  It’s fun to imagine as it’s been a little difficult with spring upon us to have no garden to tend to this season (snap pea planting time has already come and gone!).

Of course, the one drawback with these lovely old homes that we are attracted to is their often small square footage.  The size of one of the bedrooms in the above photo is 8×15, long and narrow.  It does have two stories though, something I’ve found really helps in an older house that way you can minimize noise if a child is sleeping or there’s a meditation going on.

We’ll see…



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