Who needs toys when you have a bowl of buttons?  Another great find at my new favorite thrift store, the Salvation Army (see previous post).  I found a plastic bag filled with someone’s (maybe life long) collection of all those single buttons that come with various items of clothing.  All the buttons were sealed in little, miniature plastic bags, some with thread included.  Iliana opened each bag, put the button in a bowl, and then moved on to the next bag.  The dexterity, concentration, and patience this took was quite a bit.   We also talked about the color or style of some of the buttons too.  I’m amazed at how such simple things can provide hours of enjoyment.  I like playing with buttons too.  They’re so pretty and interesting, and there are so many things you can do with them like attaching them to yo-yos, or making eyes for a stuffed bunny, or decorating a toddler’s dress!

In the above photo Iliana is actually putting the smaller buttons into an old, tired out balloon that’s had it’s tied knot cut off.  So, there you ago, yet another use.  Would you have thought of that?  That yellow balloon has now become a kind of button purse that she puts beside the bed at nap time.  Pretty neat, I say.


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