Wrigley Field


photo by Eric Brown

We went to Wrigley Field in downtown Chicago and watched a Chicago Cubs game.  It was more fun than I thought it would be.  Iliana totally got into it despite what it may look like in the photo.  She was cheering, clapping and saying “wooooo” when the Cubs did well.  We were sitting in front of some die hard fans, so I learned more about the Cubs than I maybe would have liked to but it did give me some background to what I was watching.

The coolest thing, I think, about Wrigley Field is that it’s located in the center of a thriving downtown neighborhood with residential homes, shops, and restaurants.  We saw men on bikes with the little seats behind (like Indian rickshaws) taking people home after the game.  How cool would that be?  Also, while Iliana and I were walking up to the top floor, we looked down on the street below and heard a musician playing his percussion instruments:  two white buckets and a tambourine on the ground.  He was totally into it and had a great beat.

There’s a first for everything:  baseball, Wrigley Field, and on Easter!


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