Alphabet Cards


Melissa Sweet's cards at The Land of Nod

I love the above owl alphabet card and actually all of these cards created by Melissa Sweet.  We have two board books that she illustrated, Won’t You Be My Hugaroo?, which is a favorite, and It’s Spring.  She often illustrates using watercolors and I love how free they are and how she combines different colors.  They’re whimsical and fun, with a lot of imagination.  If you want to read more about Melissa and her work as an artist read this interview.  In the article, I like how she says, “But persistence may be more important than talent”.  Good words for all those artists out there creating just to create, not knowing exactly where things may lead (myself included).

I am debating about whether to get the above set as I saw them in a resale store yesterday.  I like them more for their artistic value rather than as a teaching tool.  I’d just like to look at them, I think, and Iliana would too.  Four of them were framed, you can see what that looks like at The Land of Nod, a great children’s store with creative flair.  Also, there’s a great post at Apartment Therapy showing other ways to hang alphabet cards.

Do you have a favorite set of alphabet cards?


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