We are loving the show Smash (watch on Hulu, our favorite place to watch TV, since we don’t have one, ha, ha). Actually, I should say I’m the one loving it (but Eric likes it too), as I was a musical theatre/actress/dancer gal in a past life and well…The show is a musical drama set in New York that follows the lives of a group of people who come together around a musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. It takes you through the ins and outs of the musical theatre world and how it feels to be a part of the New York performing arts scene.

I’m really liking one of the leading ladies right now, Katharine McPhee. Her singing is beautiful and her covers of songs have got me looking up the original musicians and their recordings: Brighter Than the Sun by Colbie Caillat and Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine (you’ve got to watch this link, Florence is amazing).

Smash is well done and it’s got me looking and listening for more and getting inspired to do a little more singing myself. Hmmmmmm. Are there any shows inspiring you these days?


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  1. Yay, we love it too!! Thanks for posting the original of Shake it Off. We were singing it for days, Steve says he likes Karen’s “poppier” version better, ha!

    • We say Shake It Off sometimes too. It was only when posting that I realized it’s really Shake It Out. I do like Katharine’s version a lot, but I loved hearing the original and seeing Florence’s intensity. The video is so cool too. She’s all vintage and stuff, love that. Neat that you guys like this show too! How’s that new baby? I think of you all a lot. Hugs.

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