Iliana playing piano, April 2012

“We make our daughter practice the piano for at least 3 hours a day.”  This is something Kristin and I have never said.  Iliana is surrounded by music and  has access to many instruments, including the piano you see here. It is the one that Kristin’s mother got back when Kristin was about 8 years old.  I wonder what Iliana will end up learning to play?  It could be piano but I bet it is guitar before that.  I think she plays guitar every day.  She often runs and gets my banjo so I can play along with her.  I don’t know how to play banjo, or any other instrument, but that does not bother her.  Learning to play music in this family is no doubt unavoidable so I better start practicing.

The photo is from an iPhone (iPhone 4).  I used the app Vint B&W to take it.  It works well for me because there is no processing after the fact to get to black and white, it makes the highlights very light, and the contrast is just right.  It is very simple and I almost always like the result.  Check it out if you like black and white and use an iPhone or similar fruit.



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