We’ve arrived


This is close to what our shower looked like

We returned from Denmark last night around dinner time:  hungry, tired, and sick.  Eric and his Dad, Iliana’s Paka, were there to greet us at the airport and help us get home.  It was a very long travel day, to say the least.  I had come down with a sore throat the night before our departure and as I lay in bed, feeling the onset of said cold, I was thinking, oh my, how is this going to go.  I arose early Wednesday morning, around 5:15 am or so, to get the one and only hot shower in our small flat that we shared with many, many others.  I knew there was no way I’d be washing my hair if the water wasn’t warm, because with being sick I was not about to add on another misery, that of a cold shower over the top of my aching head.

You may say, well, why not wait until getting home to wash your hair?  Well, I hadn’t washed my hair for some days and the look of it was not so appealing.  This isn’t because I didn’t want to, instead it’s because there were 1000 people gathered at the Vrads Sande Ashram in Denmark for Babuji’s birthday, and with that many people in one place showers, hair washing and even using the toilet all comes with waiting, taking one’s turn, and getting out as quickly as you can.  Once May 2 came around, more people had left and headed home, so at 5:15 am yesterday morning there was no line for the bathroom and I did get the one and only hot shower in our apartment.

Honestly, the rest of the day is kind of a blur as we plowed through many different forms of transportation:  car to the train, train from Horsens, train from the Copenhagen station to the airport, and then plane from Copenhagen to Chicago.  We made it though, and we made it through the 8 hour long flight.  Iliana even took a solid nap this time which helped us both.  By the end of the trip Iliana seemed to be getting into the travel groove.  She had her ear phones in, she was beating her chest to the rhythm of the music, and switching channels from movies to games and to whatever else.  She seemed to be enjoying herself, which was great to see.  I think it may be that to get children comfortable with travel, you just need to do it.  The more you do it, the better they get.

Seeing as how I’m still sick, this will be a relatively short post, but there’s definitely more to share, it will just have to be at a later date.  I can feel my brain just isn’t quite clicking like it usually does.  It was a great trip, the benefits of which will slowly reveal themselves over time.  I appreciate you all following along.

We had a bit of glitch this week regarding posts on Tuesday and Wednesday.  My guest blogger, Eric Brown, got quite busy preparing for our return.  Sorry for our absence.  I do hope you enjoyed his posts last week and Monday.  He enjoyed sharing with you (and I enjoyed reading and seeing what he had to share, some of it for the first time!).

We’re glad to be home.



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