Photo of the week


My favorite photo of the week.  Iliana’s baby doll at the park with us.  We dressed her appropriately in a onesie, sweater, and jeans. She went down the slide a few times on Iliana’s lap.  This particular doll was mine when I was little and so it’s sweet to see Iliana loving her so.

This week…

  • I started using Instagram and I’m so enjoying being able to artistically alter my photos (though I’m going to try other photo editing applications as per Eric’s fantastic suggestions).  It’s just such fun to play.
  • I found this blog.  If you are into travel blogs or abroad blogs, I think you’ll like this one (the blogger lives in Paris).  Check out the page Boarding Pass for posts from people traveling and living all over the world.
  • I’m hoping we’ll get a chance to visit this farm in La Fox, IL when we go to visit the grandparent’s home on Sunday.  They have bees, I’m into bees…

Happy  Mother’s Day!



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