Somewhere over the rainbow


image by Melissa

I have always really liked the song Over the Rainbow.  Having been a singer most of my life, I’ve performed this song in various different contexts, some formal and some informal.  It’s a moving song and actually beautiful whether with accompaniment or a cappella.  I remember singing it as a counselor to my 9-13 year old campers attending Perry-Mansfield, a performing arts camp, as they were trying to fall asleep.  I remember performing it another summer at the same camp, in an arrangement for three women and a pianist all singing various parts.  I sang it when I was in the Himalayas for my spiritual teacher.  I sang it at my mother’s memorial service.  It truly is a song for all occasions.

I saw the above picture at Apartment Therapy and it made me think of that song and all that I like about it.  I’ve also been wanting to compile a list of my favorite children’s songs and it fits the bill.  If you haven’t yet heard  “IZ’s” version of the old classic, definitely check it out.  It has kind of become my favorite.

What do you think about putting the lyrics to a favorite song up on the wall?  I like the simplicity of the one above, especially with that pink dresser and those knobs!  What song would you print and frame?


(Image:  Tiny Toes via:  Apartment Therapy – My Room)


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