More photos from the trip


We had a lovely time with family this last weekend in St. Louis, MO.  We left Chicago late Friday night arriving in St. Louis around 3 am!  It was a late one or an early one, whatever you want to call it.  A 6 hour road trip with our 2 1/2 year old, the first one of it’s kind that we’ve all done together.

Eric grew up in St. Louis, so he knew his way around which I was grateful for.  It totally changes a trip when you know where you’re going pretty much.  Up until now we’ve always flown to St. Louis, as in the past we were traveling from Colorado.  So it was quite different to do this as a driving trip.  A completely different experience really.  Seeing the countryside between here and St. Louis, and also experiencing how the feel of a place changes as you move through it by land rather than by air.  I was trying my darnedest to remember a book that I saw in Borders (long ago obviously) about a man who makes it a point to travel by land so he can actually see what he’s traveling through.  If any of you are familiar with the book tell me the title in the comments.

As we were driving home Eric said, “I’d love to spend about a week in St. Louis”, I agree.



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    • I had to ask Eric what is Ted Drews? He said it’s considered a kind of destination place for St. Louis but when he was growing up his family never went there. Alas, we’ll have to try it next time!

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