After almost buying the couch in the top photo, I decided it was time to look around and put together a kind of color collage of what I’d like to have in our living room.  Now you may say, what?  You almost bought the couch in the top photo?  Well, yes, I thought long and hard about it, obsessing on it for about a day.  I wondered, can I make those colors work and that pattern?  How will I tie it in to what we already have (which isn’t much right now considering we’re living in a temporary apartment and we’re “making do”).  I will say  the couch had a lot going for it.  Like what, you might ask?  Well, it was used, but hardly, like it had sat in someone’s living room but no one had ever sat on it.  The fabric was soft.  The cushions firm.  It had a neat, exposed wooden frame and the cushion’s zipped off, something I thought about after our last couch that did not have this option.  Being able to zip off a cushion when some sort of accident befalls it, well, that’s golden.  So, it had all this.  All this going for it but it just wasn’t quite right, neither Eric nor I could make it work in our minds.  So, back to the drawing board, or like I said, I decided to put together a kind of inspirational board, so the next time I’m looking I have a picture in my mind of what will “really” work.

As of late I’ve really gotten into the color turquoise.  Maybe it comes from my years in Santa Fe and being surrounded by this state color (if there were one).  I’ve just started to collect this color in little accents around the house and have thought it would be nice to use it in this way.  Then I saw that blue couch and the mix of colors in the pillows on it.  I love that.  I like a solid colored couch that you can change up by accenting with different pillows (or blankets).  We kind of did that in our old house.

Here you see the couch with only one of the pillows we had on it (we actually had two more, all three were different, with different patterns and colors).  But the hand made blanket on the right (knit by Eric’s mother) and the shawl covering Iliana, both look good on a basic couch.  Can you imagine all three of these items on the 70’s couch in the top photo?  Oh my, it would be too much I think  (even though they’re all in a similar color palette).

So, I’m going for blues, with other accent colors.  I could do that blue couch I think.  So maybe I’m going for blue to be more a main color, like in a couch, and then accented in other places around the house?  We shall see what I find!


Images in collage:  tree photo – me, Domino:  The Book of Decorating:  A Room-by-Room Guide to Creating a Home That Makes You Happy by Deborah Needleman, blue couch via Apartment Therapy ‘s post Lavish Living:  Velvet Furniture from House Tours (original post Richard & Natasha’s Medical Makeover, images Mat Sanders), Mid Century Canister Set via Apartment Therapy’s post 5 Canisters for Small Space Organizing (originally from 1560 Main).


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